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Mysore city is furthermore typically called the 'City of Palaces', the 'Garden City', the 'Ivory City', the ‘City of Yoga’ as well as the 'cultural capital of Karnataka'. Mysore had been the capital city of the Wodeyar's who ruled the Mysore Kingdom. Throughout the rule of the Wodeyar dynasty, crafts and arts attained its peak and therefore the city subsequently developed into the cultural capital. The Wodeyars had been incredible patrons of art and culture, generally you will discover that in the rich heritage of the city.

Even though Mysore  is rolling out perfectly into a modern city, the city even now moves in a peaceful, unhurried as well as relaxing pace. The city has inherited considerably from its past which in turn reflects far from just about in its architectural structures, but in addition throughout the culture as well as diet and lifestyle belonging to the region. You will discover a diverse variety of attractions that travelers choose to discover while on a holiday to the city of Mysore. Pretty much any one that traveled to Mysore would most likely confirm the elegance this city presents.